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shipping samples

Please send any samples to Crush It Brands as the licensed importer. 

  • Federal Basic Permit Import - FL-I-21485

  • Federal Basic Permit Wholesaler - FL-P-21569

  • FDA # - 13676127818

Bottle samples are to be consigned and shipped to:

Crush It Brands
Attn: David Taylor
169 Poinsettia Street
Atlantic Beach, FL 32233, USA





Carrier Note: BevTrade Solutions, Inc. will only accept shipments via UPS. Please use UPS and their all-inclusive shipping services, making sure that all fees are paid on your end. We cannot accept any shipments from other service companies or any charges associated with a shipment. 

The commercial invoice must include:

  • Description of the product (red wine, white wine, sparkling, etc.)

  • Quantity in bottles

  • Alcohol content

  • Bottle Size

  • Value - always value the wines at 1 Euro per bottle

  • "Samples only, not for resale"

  • "Value for customs purposes only"

  • Your FDA Registration Number (very important)

A copy of the commercial invoice and the air bill number should be e-mailed to Alyssa Taylor at:

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